Thursday, July 3, 2014

february love and i.

There's really not a lot to say here, the pictures speak for themselves, we had a wonderful photographer who was also a friend of mine, I have had such a hard time picking from my favorites because I love all of them, so here are some...well, a lot. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

february 22nd... a cup of coffee.

Our reception was held in a ballroom in the historic part of downtown Kalispell, never even knew this was there until a friend of mine from work suggested it. I loved it! There was no wedding cake. Instead we set up a coffee and truffle bar with different latte options, River and I are coffee lovers, and snobs. Nothing can beat a great cup of coffee.

River's mother and sisters and well as several sister-in-law's helped me to make over 600 truffles, it was actually much easier than I thought it would be and just a fun time for all of us to spend together!

Instead of confetti or rice or anything like that, I had really wanted to do sparklers, unfortunately it turned out to just be a giant cloud of smoke that we left in... oh well, it was a nice thought!

Next up,  all my favorites!