Friday, October 30, 2009

Saturday Movie Night

So tomorrow I'm hosting a movie night for some of the young ladies of our church, we're having difficulty coming up with the best thing to watch.
We would love to do Cranford or North and South but as both are rather long, must find something a little more within our time frame.
So the debate is pretty much between Nicholas Nickleby and Miss Potter. We would have loved to hunt up something new, but havn't really had the opportunity.

Anybody know of any good period films to suggest, not just for tomorrow, as I probably wouldn't be able to do anything about it at this point, but with it being colder and there being more sickness going around it would be great to find some new stuff.
We did find Sissi at the library the other day which I am very happy about. One of my best friends in California had a German mother, I remember watching these movies at her house and despite the fact that I couldn't understand a word, I loved them. We own a version that has been dubbed over in English, but it is missing quite a bit, so I am very excited to watch the whole thing again, and (with the help of English subtitles) understand it all.
It has some of the most beautiful costumes I've ever scene in a period film and was filmed in some absolutely gorgeous spots. Plus the lovely Romy Schneider!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ready For Adventure...

I loved Maid Marian's wardrobe because it was so practical, pretty and feminine. My outfit was not inspired by any particular one of hers but more the idea of her being a lovely young woman, but always ready to do what was necessary, whether it was fighting for her life or escaping to the forest. This ended up a little shorter than I had originally intended, but I found that it made it easier to take hikes and swordfight in.

For this dress I used Simplicity 9891, though raised the neckline a bit and made up the sleeves, as the ones from the pattern were not the most practical.

The cape is one I got at Herbergers last spring, leather gloves were a gift a couple years ago and the dagger my grandparents gave me.

My only disappointment is that I can't wear stuff like this more often!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Maid Marian

The story of Robin Hood, his band of men and his lady Marian, is one that has been retold many times, with many different twists and turns. And while each character varys in each portrayal of it, there are key characteristics that remain consistent.
Marian is one that has always intrigued me. Her feminine, and graceful side, and her strong, fighting one. While there are certainly many flaws to her character, she has been a picture for me of a young woman that has been able to achieve being feminine without being what many consider weak.
Feminism is huge in our culture, most women of today are reaching for "freedom" as they call it. This for them involves being away from the home, having a career and no room for a husband or children. In many ways Marian could be an example for them. She wasn't the kind of woman that would sit at home and do housework, she wanted to be out fighting along with the men. Doing something for her king and nation. And while I can appreciate her strength and desire to help, this something that I have always had a difficult time with as far as her character. It is very appealing and I enjoy seeing women who can fight and are out doing something. But is it right?
As women we are called to be keepers at home, to be under our husbands or fathers authority. And while it is commendable that Marian wanted to do something to help, was it truly the best course of action? When women seek to take control of a situation, or even just try to help in a way that is really the place of the men to do, we often see disastrous results, not to mention that is it going against the standard that God has placed for us in Scripture.
It is difficult for me to accept this in my own life. I myself enjoy the more "strong" side over the feminine one. But I have discovered that really it takes a lot of strength to be feminine in today's culture. Being a wife and stay at home mother is a very difficult task, not simply of itself but also in the fact that it in every way goes against what the world tells us women we are supposed to do. Strength is not merely something that enables the fighting attitude but also what it takes to stay at home and "do nothing".
Guess I rather strayed from the Marian thing, but this is just what thoughts I had her character.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Modern Day Maid Marian

I loved how many of Marian's outfits in the BBC Robin Hood were so easily translated into modern day wear.
My outfit was inspired by a couple different ones of hers.

Shirt: Curious Gypsy, from TJ Maxx.
Skirt: Herberger's
Belt: Target
Watch: Target
Boots: I don't remember.
One of my favorite things about her wardrobe is how feminine and yet at the same time practical it is. As a girl who loves to wear skirts pretty much all the time but also be able to run around climb rocks and sword fight, I can really appreciate how they made her costumes fit in with a similar lifestyle. Hurrah for feminine and strong women!

Monday, October 19, 2009

A conversation came up at church yesterday about movies. This is a fairly common topic among our young people and came up at this particular time because this Tuesday a movie night has been planned and we were discussing what to watch.
Because of the different people invited and all the different interests involved, as well as standards, the goal was to come up with something we would all enjoy. A couple of Disney animated films were brought up and I mentioned my dislike of most(not all) Disney's, and was accordingly accused of being prejudiced and having a lack of openness to different types of movies. I find this accusation rather unfair as I enjoy a very broad variety of movies and am open to watching just about anything,( I do of course have some standards). But when it comes to watching something new I always try to be very open, and put aside any preconceived notions I may have so that I can enjoy it for what it is and not try and read my own criticisms and ideas into it. I must admit that this can be rather difficult at times. There are some films that no matter how much I try and be open and enjoy them for what they are, it is simply not possible. And I have to say that many of the Disney "classics" are in this category. Come on, for the most part, they're made for 6-year-olds.
While I do sometimes enjoy animated films, (UP is a favorite).

Along with Monsters Inc. and Hoodwinked, for the most part I find them incredibly stupid. Also many of the ones made today use a lot of rude humor and dumb antics to make people laugh, personally I prefer something with at least some semblance of intelligence.
But it has me thinking, why do we watch movies? Well, for the most part it's pure entertainment, and for a lot of people they like being able to shut their brains off for a couple hours. Me, I like to keep mine running. But our culture is obsessed with the idea of not having to do anything, it's something that keeps us from being bored without us having to actually do anything, which is why so many movies today are mainly action with a little bit of a story to keep it all together.
Something that really helps me when watching movies is something my dad always asks when we are telling him about a particular one or when we sit down to watch one. " Do you see truth, beauty and goodness in it?" Basically this can be used in anything we are doing. Reading a book, having a conversation, or just thinking about things. Are we dwelling on things that are edifying and profitable in any way?
This is not to say that I think movie watching is a bad thing and that I don't like to do it. On the contrary, any of my friends and family will tell you that I am a big movie person, I love finding new good films and am always very excited when any of my favorite books are made into movies, though very often I am disappointed. And I like quite a variety...

... have always enjoyed Little Women(it's kind of a family thing;-)

But also very much enjoy the action and yes, the fighting in Batman Begins.

One of my all time absolute favorites is Pride and Prejudice, and while I know a lot of people have this thing about Keira Knightly I think she did a wonderful job as Elizabeth Bennet in the 2005 version. The earlier A&E one I am not as fond of, as I think they rather dragged the second half and I'm not big on Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. Like the Matthew Macfayden version much better. Absolutely love the cinematography and music in the 2005 one!

Another all time favorite is Lord of the Rings! It seems there are very few people who actually dislike this one, if nothing else you have to appreciate the effort and talent that went into this one. While there are quite a few things missing in the movies, was very disappointed that they ended the Return of the King so "happily". It is still a wonderful representation and for the most part quite accurate. And just beautifully done!

And of course the Chronicles of Narnia, I was so excited when they started making these, my mom read us the books when we were very little(I can not remember ever not knowing the story) and was so pleased that they were finally making a movie that might do it full justice. I think they could've done better than they did, but on the whole was very pleased with The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Prince Caspian was rather disappointing, although I did know coming into it that it would be different so was able to enjoy it for what it was. I am most relieved at the change of directors for Voyage of the Dawn Treader, as I have never cared for Andrew Adamson. Hopefully they'll stay on the right track. The new director Micheal Apted did another of my favorites...

Amazing Grace, this was well made, well acted and best of all it's a true story! Historical movies always have a much bigger impact on me than fictional ones. Being able to sit there and watch something play out in front of you that you know actually happened! Send chills down my spine just thinking about it. It's one of the things that makes movies so wonderful, they can make history come alive and help you to see that these were real people who had feelings and struggles the same as we do. Or sometimes they can completely mess everything up, that is most annoying.

Empire of the Sun is another great one, I love it because it is such a different perspective on World War II. For the most part people focus on the German part of it and rarely do you see the Japanese/Chinese side.

But I also really enjoyed Valkyrie, which represented things from the side of some Germans, we often classify people in races by the most dominant overbearing ones, forgetting that there were those who were against Hitler's rule and opposed him. This one really made me think about that and again made the whole situation more real to me.

But then I also enjoy some Sci-Fi. And this is going to sound rather contradictory to everthing I've just said, I enjoy Stargate;Atlantis and can come up with absolutely nothing to justify it, it's purely fun for me. Even though at times far-fetched and rather stupid.

I also love Charles Dickens, my absolute favorites being Bleak House, Nicholas Nickleby, and Oliver Twist. Bleak House has got to be one of the most puzzling movies I've ever seen and I loved it for that, you have to think about things in order to keep everything straight! And no matter how much you try and just sit down and watch it without trying to figure things out, you find yourself sorting through the information you've been given and trying to find out"whodunit". And it has so many rich characters that you can't help loving or despising.

Also M. Night Shyamalan's films. They are so different and very thought provoking, my favorite being The Village. Seems dark but really is a neat concept and while it is "suspense", is quite a simple story that is easily relate-able.

Anyway there's a few of my movie picks, really I think we (as a family) watch quite a broad range. Like everything from Star Wars to Wives and Daughters to Master and Commander or Horatio Hornblower. And even a few Disney animated films, though nothing comes to mind at the moment.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Birthday of a Princess

All of us girls are princesses, even Hayley, the rough and tumble tomboy of my youngest sister. The simple fact that we are believers in Christ makes us daughters of the King of kings.
Today is Jillian's 15th birthday, and I think I can truly say that this girl is a princess, simply by her way of carrying herself and (most) of her mannerisms.

She has grown up so much in the past year, whereas we used to always refer to Caitlin and I as "the big girls" and Jillian and Hayley as "the little girls", we can no longer do that, now it's "the older girls and Hayley", of course she'll catch up soon enough.
Jillian went from a little girl to a young lady in the past few months and it has been so wonderful to watch her grow and develop as the woman of God she is.

Jillian and I were never close and rarely get along well, although lately I think both of us have sought to learn to appreciate one anothers differences and I think discovered that we were more similar than previously willing to admit. While we certainly still are not close we have learned to be friends as well as sisters and I hope will grow more and more in that friendship.

Jillian, I hope and pray that you will continue to grow in the Lord and that He will be your constant joy and strength, I have come to love you so much, even if I did in a way have to make myself do it. It's so fun having someone else who has a similar interest in knives, ;-) and in different styles and is a princess as well as a strong, feminine, beautiful, intelligent and God-honoring young woman. I love you, little sister! Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here We Go Again...

I promise I will have a real post very soon, am hoping to get one done tonight, but until then here's another tag, again from Jillian...

Trivia Tag

Describe the cover of your favorite book without looking at it.
Leather with my name on it in gold, and on the binding Holy Bible; NASV

Describe the cover of your favorite movie without looking at it.
Looks like a set of three old books, green, burgundy and blue with gold binding and lettering. The Lord of the Rings.

Name the main characters full name in your favorite book.
The One who holds the seven stars in His right hand, the One who walks among the seven golden lampstands, the first and the last, who was dead and has come to life, the One who has the sharp two-edged sword, the Son of God, who has eyes like a flame of fire, and His feet are like burnished bronze, He who has the seven Spirits of God and the seven stars, He who is holy, who is true, who has the key of David, who opens and no one will shut, who shuts and no onwe opens, the Amen, the faithful and true Witness, the Beginning of the creation of God, the Lord God Almighty, who was and who is and who is to come.

Name the weather at your home(or where ever you are).
37 degrees, cloudy with a 30% chance of showers.

Are you writing a book?
I gave up on that a long time ago, so no.

What is your character's name?
Mine? Or the one of the book I'm not writing?
If the first, I'll tell you when I figure it out myself. If the latter, well, like I said I gave up on that sort of thing.

What race is your character?
Good question, let me know when you figure it out, will you.

Name three things near you that are green.
The leaves of the flowers on my hopechest. My Greek and Hebrew dictionary, and umm... there's not a lot of green in my room right now...oh, a Henty book that River loaned me.

Last Question:What's your favorite thing to do?
Serve the King of kings in all things.

Okay, THIS is the last question: Did you like answering the questions above?
I take it that this question was an after thought. Umm... do I have to answer this one honestly? Just kidding, it was fun. :-)

And now I tag anyone that visits my blog and actually bothers to read this. If you do actually do it please let me know in a comment so I can see yours. We'll see if anyone actually responds.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Okay, so sister Jillian tagged me, sorry I didn't respond sooner JJ.

What is a very interesting fact about you?
I study fencing and midwifery.

What are two things in this world that you love very much?
My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and my family.

What was the last thing you ate?
A breadstick.

Who's your favorite movie/book character?
Jane Eyre

What is your favorite color?

Are you random?
In what context...

Do you have a totem animal?

How many people follow your blog?


What is your favorite animal?


Downhill or cross country skiing?

Soda or water?
In general, water.

Weekends vs. schooldays?
I don't do school.

Trees or flowers?

Regular Questions:

What is your favorite movie?
Only one??!!! This could take a while... just look at my complete profile.

What is your favorite book?
Again, just one?But if I could only have one book it would definitely be my Bible.

How long have you been on blogger?
14 months.

And I tag:
Ridge, even though I know he won't do it.

And Aaron, he most likely won't either.