Friday, April 3, 2009

My Father

I've always been rather proud of the fact that we call our father 'Abba' rather than the usual "daddy" or "dad". Mostly just because it was different from what everybody else did, it was our special name for him, anybody could have a daddy but we had our Abba.

Now the name is not what is special so much it is who my father is that I have come to love, respect, admire, cherish, and esteem. He has truly been a wonderful priest, prophet, provider and protector. One of the things I love and respect the most about him is his pursuit of godliness and desire to lead his family in a way that honors our heavenly Father. His diligence in studying the word and seeking to live it out, his love for the church and desire to retake it for Christ. His love for his wife, in how he honors and cherishes her, his example to us of not only what our husbands should be but of our heavenly Father. His constant joy in the Lord, and love of serving others.

When we first moved to Montana going on 8 years ago, he lost his job within a few months of moving here, we had a house we were renting and our house down in California hadn't sold yet. But he trusted the Lord to provide and was my anchor in that time of uncertainty. Since then he has worked many different kinds of jobs in order to provide for his family, at one time doing pizza delivery in the evening and working at a hardware store during the day. He now back to doing what he really enjoys and was trained for, computer tech. And has had the privilege of once again being able to teach occasionally in the church and discuss things with other godly men, something that for the past few years has been extremely difficult to find. Partially because of his bluntness in speaking the truth even when it hurts(him and others).

I love you, Abba!

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