Friday, October 23, 2009

Modern Day Maid Marian

I loved how many of Marian's outfits in the BBC Robin Hood were so easily translated into modern day wear.
My outfit was inspired by a couple different ones of hers.

Shirt: Curious Gypsy, from TJ Maxx.
Skirt: Herberger's
Belt: Target
Watch: Target
Boots: I don't remember.
One of my favorite things about her wardrobe is how feminine and yet at the same time practical it is. As a girl who loves to wear skirts pretty much all the time but also be able to run around climb rocks and sword fight, I can really appreciate how they made her costumes fit in with a similar lifestyle. Hurrah for feminine and strong women!


Eldarwen Failariel said...

Cute outfit, Laurel! I wanted to let you know, last night I told my mom I really wanted to see that Valkyrie movie and I talked her into going to the movie rental in town and we rented it! I watched it last night and loved every second of it! I had no idea there were 15 attempts to eliminate Adolf Hitler. That was very interesting to learn! I did cry at the end, though. :'(


Beth Ann said...

Really lovely outfit! The shirt does remind me of the BBC Maid Marian. :) And the belt looks really great with it! ;)

Amanda Flynn said...

So glad you participated! I love your outfit and you look adorable! Bravo! :)

Julianne Drews said...

I've never watched that Robin Hood! Your outfit is really pretty!

Ashley Nicole said...

I love your outfit! It really look like something the BBC Maid Marian would wear.