Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Power of Prayer

Prayer is an amazing tool that God has given us that we very often neglect in our daily lives. What a wonderful privilege we have that we can go before the throne of the King of kings at any time! Yet so often we pass it by and don't even give it a moments thought. Either we don't really do it hardly at all, or it becomes just habit, we do it as part of a routine.
This is an area that I have much difficulty with, I find that even when I do set aside a time to pray my mind often wanders to other things, I am so easily distracted by the things of this world, whether it is my plans for the day and all the things that I need to get on, or what went on the evening before with my family or at work. It is so easy to get lost on "bunny trails" and forget what it is that I set out to do.
Yet as I think about it I could use this kind of wandering in my prayer, as I consider what I need to do that day I could ask for grace that I would do it well and do for the glory of God. As I consider who I was with the night before, I could pray for those people and any needs that I might know of. Alas, it is very easy to think of and write about these things put applying them can be a very different matter.
This morning in our family Bible time, during which we've been going through Charles Spurgeon's Morning and Evening, we read about prayer and when we really need it. It is easy to pray when we are in difficult situations and feel that we need someone elses help and God's grace to get ourselves through trials, but when things are easy, how often do we come before the Lord in prayer and supplication? Although, if you really think about it, are we ever truly in no need of any kind? I think not. We are sinful human beings, so how can we ever be in anything other than a state of need and incompletness. But there are phases in our lives that are better than others. And we may not feel the need of prayer quite as much. At this time the best thing is to pray for others, there is always someone in need of prayer, whether they are believers or not. And I often find that when I start praying for others needs I remember many of my own that need much grace. God is so wonderful to give us this means of coming before Him, whether in joyful worship or humble repentance. May we never lose sight of the awesome God we serve, nor ever grow at all distant in our communion with Him.

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Eldarwen Failariel said...

That's so wonderful that you and your family have devotional time together! We used to do that, but with my dad's recent illness we don't have time to. Doctors appointments don't help, either! lol :D

You get sidetracked when praying, too? I've always done that! My mom says I have a creative mind that whirls around like crazy, so my thoughts can go something like this: "hmm, I wonder what I'm going to wear today. Maybe that black shirt. I remember I wore that same shirt to six flags last year. Man, the bob sled was so much fun! I remember the first time I went to six flags I... wait, how did I get onto six flags?" so that's sort of how it goes when I pray in my head. I told my parents and they suggested me praying out loud, that way it's harder for my thoughts to drift away. It worked, so now instead of praying in my head, I pray aloud! :)

Great post!