Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Cloudy Day and Last Night's Movie

Although some might call it rather deary outside, I'm loving the weather right now. Personally gray days are some of my favorites, yesterday was quite lovely in my opinion, a soft, cool breeze blowing the heavy gray clouds that look ready shower down on us at any moment, I so wanted to go out for a walk, but unfortunately was at work so couldn't just take off. As such, this post will be rather short... so I can get outside.=)

We were hoping to get Alice in Wonderland, but discovered that it wasn't out yet so rented The Young Victoria instead. I very much enjoyed it. Especially with it being a true story, while fiction is very interesting some of the time there's nothing quite like seeing history brought to life. And this was beautifully done. The sets and costumes were absolutely gorgeous, and all the actors did an excellent job.
Hayley of course thought it quite boring and so took off part way through, but for Caitlin this was way better than Alice In Wonderland, well, as you all know she is the one studying for a B.A. in History, so of course she's going to love it. My favorite part was the costumes and music, as well as seeing the beautiful love story between Victoria and Albert. That poor man had so much patience and humility. Can you imagine being the husband of the Queen, basically having the wife be the head rather than yourself? Yet he handled with grace and strength, supporting and guiding her in many areas of their time together together, so tragically shortened by his early death.


Raja-Man said...

looks like a half-decent movie...

Frizz said...

Mom and I watched it a few weeks ago and I loved it. It was a little slow at times, and a little fast at others, but oh, well. I loved the costumes too. And the hair was interesting. It would have been better as a mini series.

Willie'sGurl said...

Haven't gotten to see it yet. But really want to. :)

Laura said...

I just watched this movie and really enjoyed it!!!
I LOVE period dramas anyway, but this one was very well done!
I saw on your bio that you are studying to be a midwife. I think that is so neat!!!! Right now, I'm studying to be a birth and postpartum doula!
I enjoy all things birth! :)
Anyway, great blog! Keep up the good work. :)