Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Fashion

I was hoping to go out and do some pictures for the Autumn Modest Fashion Showcase at Marie Loves. But unfortunately haven't gotten any opportunities to get things out and do a photo shoot. I still plan on trying but am not too hopeful of the actuality of it coming to fruition.
So... that said I thought I'd put up some Polyvore sets of my Fall wardrobe and what I wish was my fall wardrobe. =D
Chill's & Thrills

Curl up with a good book...

My Fall Styles
Fall Beauty

Close your eyes...
What I'm Wearing No.2

As you can see and could tell if you've read past posts, I have a very strong inclination towards tall boots and long jean skirts. If I could I would wear them at all times of the year, but really fall is the best time for it, it just feels more appropriate. I'm so glad it is finally here!


Jessica said...

Great outfits Laurel! They are definitely "you" and very lovely. I'm in great need of some tall boots for this season...the pair I had from last year finally split at the seams. Where do you normally get yours?

His Handmaiden said...

I haven't actually bought a ton of boots, would love to but don't often have the funds. The pair I usually wear I got about 4 years ago at Target, so they've definitely been worth it as for as lasting well, I wear them almost everyday in fall and winter. I've also gotten some at Payless that I really like and have lasted well.

~Miss Raquel said...

Wow, these look like SO much fun to put together!! I'll have to look into getting an account. Great outfits, dear! :)

Marie said...

I love all of the chunky boots, they look awesome with the skirts!