Monday, January 10, 2011

Time To Catch Up!

I feel quite remorseful every time I look at this blog and see the lack of posts. And yet I don't take the time to sit down and do anything about it. And that is certainly not for lack of time either. So here am now to fill you in on what has been going on in my life over the past few weeks.

Our Christmas was quiet and simple, just the way we wanted it, unfortunately I developed a pretty nasty cold the day before so spent much of Christmas Eve night trying to find a position I could breathe in and not wake my sisters up with my constant moving around (for as long as I can remember we have all slept in the same room together on Christmas Eve). Because of that, Christmas Day was a bit of a sleepy day for me, but I still enjoyed it very much and feel very blessed to have been able to spend it with my family, in our own merry traditions, and hope that I will always look forward to it with a childlike eagerness!

Around that same time, I started working as a nanny two days a week for two little gentlemen, ages 2 years and 3 months. This has been something of a different experience for me as I haven't taken care of such young children before and all of my other jobs of a similar nature have been with girls. But it has been a lot of fun and I look forward to what they will be teaching me as I seek to care for them as best that I can.

I mentioned a little while back that I was in a production of A Christmas Carol, playing the role of "Mrs. Cratchit". That again was a entirely new experience for me, I have done choir for many years but this was my first time being in a theatrical. And if given the opportunity I would most certainly do it again! I'm a rather reserved person, so this was quite a bit out of my comfort zone, and at first I was very uncertain about even being involved in it. However I think it brought something out in me that I didn't even know I had, I was never nervous about getting up on stage and loved every time that I could get out there and dance and sing. A friend told me that they were very surprised when they hear that I was doing this, because it seemed so foreign from what they knew of me, and then when they saw me actually doing it, they were even more surprised to see how much I was getting into it. =)

I've been having a host of new experiences lately! My next one however was not nearly as enjoyable. New Year's Eve, I had the opportunity to see how it is riding in the ambulance then being life-flighted to the hospital! That's one I think I could have gone without, but right now I just praise the Lord that I am back at home and have no more than a sprained back and some nasty headaches. And how did this "privilege" become mine? That day was a very long one, I hadn't gotten very good nutrition(more caffeine and sugar than was best) was out very late at a party, still coming off a cold, and quite stressed out. All of this on top of a head injury I had last summer, lead to me passing out and then having a seizure. I was released Sunday afternoon, and have spent most of the last week sleeping trying to get my body fully recovered from the trauma, am on an anti-seizure medication, and will be going to the doctor on Wednesday to get some more things figured out. Please pray that we would be able to work things out to get me off the the meds(the side effects have been bad headaches and an overall drowsiness that can make it difficult to function throughout the day).

Well, I think that pretty well sums things up so far. My plan is to try and keep up with things a little better on here...(hmmm). Any thoughts on the new background? I'm still not certain about it, may play around some, so if you see a lot of weird things constantly changing, it's just me being bored.=)

"Our faith is never so tested - our weakness ever so magnified - our reliance in the Lord never so strengthened - as when we are called to wait upon the Lord's perfect timing, and to obey despite what the outcome may be as we watch his sovereign plan unfold."

- Jasmine Baucham

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