Tuesday, June 9, 2009


As the Lord's chosen people we are called His children, and since He is the King of kings we are princes and princesses. Being of a royal lineage we should be different from the world, not viewing ourselves above them, for is there any reason why God should choose you to be His child over any one else? But at the same time knowing that we are not the same, for if we are the same as the world what will they see to make them realize the difference and desire it. Many seem to think that as Christians we should be like the rest of the world so that they can be "comfortable" with us and not feel condemned by any thing we do. But may I submit that as Christians God has called us to be distinctly different from the rest of the world, and show them the light of our Lord which dwells in us, and if they do feel condemned by our actions it really is a good thing, as it would show that they can realize their own lost condition, for someone who does not realize that they are lost and dying can not be saved.
Our "royalty" also calls us to treat others as such, not only are we princes and princesses but so are our brothers and sisters in the Lord. Often there is such a lack of even the slightest respect for others even in the church. But if we have the right view point of each other it should change our attitude, and it will not matter what the other person is like, whether we enjoy their company or not. We can't change the way they are, and we are not responsible for their actions but we are responsible for our own. If we consider that each christian is a child of the Kings of kings, that should lead us to show more respect, love, and grace wanting to serve them in whatever way possible, for the glory of our Father as well as theirs.

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His Handmaidens said...

Well said, my sister! It is good to remember that being a princess is not left the fictionary world of Sara Crewe, in "A Little Princess."