Saturday, May 9, 2009

Who Are You? What Are You Doing Here?

No, I'm not trying to be rude.
My father brought up this topic the other night after listening to a sermon someone loaned him. These are questions we should be asking ourselves each day, why were we created, what is our purpose in life, in each day that we spend here on earth how are we using the time wisely and for God's glory.
We were not put here as humanists say to "enjoy and consume until we die."
Rather as it says in Scripture we were created to give glory to God. It is our highest calling, and one that when thinking of own personal life goals we often seem to ignore.
So what is your purpose in life? Are you living for own gain or to serve the King of kings?


Ridgefilmmaker said...

It's kind of like God's film. he wants to cast everyone in it. So we can ether give up our small little short film that we are in, or we can play in Gods BIG film..... Know what I'm saying?

His Handmaidens said...

Good post Laurel. Those questions always need to be asked occasionally.

Ridge, do you always think in film terms?


Ridgefilmmaker said...

Yes! For that is my calling! ;-D

Anonymous said...

Excellent question, my friend! By God's good grace, my answer to the second part of your question is: To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

My answer to the first part of your question is as follows: I am PAIGE ELIZABETH ;-)

Thanks for the post!

MennoGirl said...

Great post, thanks alot!

Ridgefilmmaker said...

HO Hi Page I haven't heard from you in a long time!!! What's up????

Ridgefilmmaker said...

I've been listening to a lot of john Piper about Glorifying God. It's really good, we all need to glorify God in all that we do.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Ridge!
What up, what up, what up?! How are you doing? I's been a LONG time! We'll all have to do coffee sometime. Thanks for sayin' hi!
John Piper, eh? I'm a TOTAL fan!! I am convinced he is a gift to our generation. I just finished a book by him, entitled "What's the Difference." So, soo good! I reccomend it to anyone who is concerned about glorifying the LORD in the roles He's placed us in.

Well, enough said. You take care now -


Ridgefilmmaker said...

Did you ask me what's up??? Hello! it's the opposite of down!