Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Life Lately

Playing group badminton, it's done with usually about 5 birdies. :)

Rosh, totally focused on the game.

I think that's Ridge's game face, though it looks rather like a confused one.

River looks like he's trying to be all dramatic or something.

Some people can be quite vicious.

She looks so sweet, sometimes...

Hannah, preparing her ammo.

Megan, getting ready for battle.

I think she's just waiting for someone to come around the corner so she can surprise them.

We ran out of water balloons very quickly, so used buckets and hoses instead.

Mitch dumped me with a bucket, so I soaked him with the hose.

Abba praying for me at my graduation.

Outside the Conrad Mansion.

Jillian and Hayley at Conrad Mansion.

A small portion of the strawberries we've harvested.

Ice Cream Sundays!

Our Independence Day BBQ.

Timmy playing horseshoes.

More badminton, with the Haymonds.

Our judges, supervising.

Fireworks at the Maltby's.


Frizz said...

Ah, the water fight was so much fun. Looks like you had a good 4th!

Nim said...

Wow, it looks like you were busy lately!

Ridgefilmmaker said...

Looks like a lot of busy fun!