Monday, July 13, 2009

This past week...

So even more lately life has been rather crazy. Last week was for the most part busy with the more normal things we did a lot of work outside in the garden and various other places, Caitlin and I have kept quite active with work, the summer is always much more hectic over there. And the different tasks around the house. Saturday was quite interesting. While towel-drying my hair I managed to get my arm in a rather awkward position and do something to a muscle in it. We went into urgent care ( as I was in a lot of pain) and were told that I had torn a muscle, we are now less certain, but whatever it is, it is still painful at times and I'm once again quite restricted as far as use of my right arm. (I can't seem to keep out of casts and such for very long.) They gave me a shot for the pain, so I didn't feel much of anything for the next few hours. We decided to continue our plans for the day, going out to the Disney's Christmas Carol Train Tour and then to the Glacier Symphony at Rebecca Farm in the evening with the Haymonds.
Here's a few pictures:

The miniature of the clock tower.

Just to prove that we really were there. :)


Nim said...

It was fun going to that Christmas Carol thingie! Too bad you hurt your shoulder. I bet it really hurt.

Frizz said...

I hope your shoulder gets better soon!