Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Upcoming School Year

It's coming faster than desired yet at the same time I always look forward to the more orderly way of living and getting back into studies.
As the summer is starting to wind down a bit we have been seeking to get back into a schedule, so that we can (hopefully) be well settled into things by the time the school year starts.With Caitlin starting her online college program and Jillian and Hayley being the only ones left in regular school with my mother things are looking to be rather different from previous years. I think the biggest change will be for me, as I am not in school and right now it seems will be (I hope) moving into Caitlin's position of caring for things around the house and garden, since she will be spending much of her time studying.
Although I would like to do some further studies myself, mainly in nursing and midwifery, right now I do not feel that that is where the Lord is leading me. As we were sitting down as a family discussing things the other morning and everyone was laying out what their plans were for the fall I did not really have anything specific. Because of this and everything that everyone else desires right now, I am feeling that my area of learning and growing is going to be focusing more on running the home, which I have been learning for a long time, but now will be putting it more into practice.
My "goal" for this upcoming school year is to seek to serve my family in the home, rather than pursuing my own desires. My prayer, and I would ask for your prayers as well in this area is that I will grow more in love and service to those who are nearest to me. I have found that my family, those I am closest to are usually the ones that get the most pushed aside in whatever is going on in my life. As I seek to learn more skills of running the home and what it is to care for a family, I hope that it will make me love them and appreciate them more and more.

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