Monday, December 28, 2009

A Carstensen Christmas

First of all I have to show off our gingerbread village! We had so much fun building it and are enjoying eating it too, though that part is rather bittersweet.

Above the village, looking over on our skating pond.

I love details, like the icicles and window frame here.

And our sweet little mercantile, seems like it would be a fun place to visit.

Caitlin's log cabin, it also had a stone chimney, made from chocolate rocks.

The Meeting House, as we like to call it.

Christmas was fairly quiet, because all of our family is in California and Oregon, for the past few years we've spent it with friends usually people, that, like us, have no family in the area. This year was spent with the Cunninghams, and an older woman who was recently widowed.
Hayley woke us all up bright and early, around 5 o'clock. We had a pretty leisurely morning, having cinnamon rolls for breakfast(yummy!). Then straightened up everything and were able to Skype with our grandparents, the first time we've seen them on Christmas in 8 years.
Here's a few pictures.

This year we decorated in a more natural look, with berries, "snow" clusters, pine cones, and these little woodland creatures.

Also some snowflakes, including these lovely frames my mother got last year.
And here's the tree Christmas morning.
The fun socks we all got!
And playing Jenga with the Cunninghams.


Eldarwen said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of your Christmas with us! Looks like you and your family had fun. :) Merry [late] Christmas!

Frizz said...

Cute socks!