Thursday, March 25, 2010

BBC's Emma

We just finished watching BBC's new Emma, I had seen it before on YouTube but it was great to get to see it on a larger screen and not in ten minute segments.=)

I have to say, it is very difficult for me to compare the different Emma's. This is now the fourth one that we own. There are aspects on each that I like, although I'm really not big on the old BBC one. I grew pup watching the Kate Beckinsale one so that is the most familiar to me. The Gwyneth Paltrow version was a little too silly for my liking but I do enjoy it. This one I really enjoyed, although they did take out a few of my favorite lines. I think Romola Garai did an excellent job, and that she makes a very good Emma, though a little bit bouncier than I am used to her being. I loved the music, and although I do not think the dancing was entirely accurate for that period it was very fun and made me want to get up and join them.
I think when watching all these different versions you just have to take each one for what it is, and enjoy the different takes that people put on it. I wouldn't say that any one is better than another, just different.


Johanna said...

My Mom and I just baught this version at cosco about a week ago, thanks for letting us know a little more about it!

In Chirst,


Eldarwen said...

I loved this version of Emma! I think Romola did a great job, as well! =D