Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Everything And Yet Nothing

The past few days have been a lovely mixture of scrumptious(isn't that a delicious word) nothingness and delightful busyness. Our Christmases are usually like that, it seems we are so busy with all the fun things you do around Christmas yet without school and work going on a wonderful feeling of not having to do anything.
The week after Christmas my mother always gets the cleaning bug, so we have been doing some straightening and organizing, sometimes I enjoy doing that often it depends on what we are organizing, I have such fun doing my closet, finding those little things that you forget you had so its just as fun as getting them all over again only now you have sweet memories connected with them, I really should do that more often, right now my closet is chaos.
I know I'm just rambling on and probably not making much sense here but sometimes I just feel I have to do that.
Here's a few pictures from doing Senior portraits, as you can see we had a lot of fun. Paige, I love you!


paigelizabeth said...

Hey girlfriend!!!
Who are those cute gals??...those photo shoots were soo much fun!
I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of them.
I have so much to talk to you about and hope we can get together soon. All in all, "things" are going VERY well!
Keep praying for us.

Love ya,

Jessica said...

Awww...so cute!

Bootlace said...

I 5th one (of you) is so cute Laurel! Did your mom take them? She is so good.

Alaina Mathers said...

Love these pics!!!! So cute. . .looks like you had a great time!

Rayia said...

What a couple of lovely young ladies!