Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

This past month has just flown by, it has been an extremely busy one a very fun one and a time of great joy in our household. Although we do not believe that Christmas is really a biblical holiday, God does command us to be joyful and there are many different 'holy-days' that were celebrated in the Bible. If someone were ask for a good solid biblical reason to celebrate Christmas I'm afraid I would be at a loss for words, but it is such a joy to me to celebrate my Saviour's birth and I do not believe there is any sin it.

It has been somewhat hectic but I have very much enjoyed going out and finding gifts for my family, Caitlin has been somewhat difficult but today I finally found something for her. So now in the next couple days it will be baking and cleaning, both of which though usually a chore at this time of year can be quite fun knowing what it is we are preparing for.

So, "Love and joy come to you, and to you glad Christmas too,
and God bless you and send you a happy new year!"
His Handmaiden, Laurel

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paigelizabeth said...

Great Christmas Picture! You gals are all so beautiful...and I love the RED against the white.
Merry Christmas to you - just a few days late! (LOL)