Monday, September 7, 2009

Why Do We Fear?

As human beings we have many things that we are afraid of. It seems that our greatest fear is the unknown, we fear death greatly, why? Because we have no idea of what it leads to. We don't know if it the end, like falling asleep and not waking up, simply no longer existing; if it is the gateway to a better life, or if it truly is something dark and terrible that we should be afraid of.
Some though fear more in living. Everyone has something they fear, often it is what motivates us to do or not do certain things; it dictates how we live.
Everyone who gains power is afraid of losing it. This can apply to many other areas as well. The American lifestyle for example, we spend half the time trying to get things and the other have worrying about losing them. We fear what others think of us, so seek things that will make us more confidant in ourselves and will, we think, make others think more highly of us.
But when it comes to being a follower of Christ these things should be abandoned. We ( if we are truly seeking Him) should not care for the material things others seek after. Yet we still have an unhealthy fear. We very often fear what others think of us not wanting to seem strange and weird or feel like outcasts. So we try and take the things of the world and copy them in a way that fits our religion. The church is afraid of the world and so uses the things of the world to make it seem like it is a part of it. Yet it wants God as well. In seeking to serve both masters it has weakened and almost destroyed itself.
As believers our live should reflect a spirit of courage, and a confidence which portrays that we place our trust in something higher and better, something that has complete control so that we know that anything and everything that happens is for our welfare.
God has promised us the victory, we have been assured of winning the battle. And yet we still fear the fight, we cower in our buildings that we call the church, discussing and debating the demands given us in Scripture, rarely do we act upon them.
What is it we are so afraid of?
We are fighting a battle we know we will win. Do we truly trust God and believe His Word? Do we have the faith it takes to have full confidence in battle, to fight with as assurance that we can not lose? Marching into battle alongside the soldiers of Christ, holding His banner high, absolutely fearless. Because we know where we are going and that our Master has gained full victory over death, setting all of His servants free from it's grasp.
If we are fearful, it shows a doubt, an uncertainty of our Saviour. This is not only cowardice on our part, but it dishonors our Lord. What kind of testimony are we showing unbelievers when we are fearful and doubting/ We are saying with that attitude, that, although God is great, He is not strong enough or He does not care enough about us to protect us and guide us through all storms. God's love for us is being put into question when we have doubts and fears. But in Scripture we have been given many assurances of His love, so unless we do not truly believe the Word that He has given us, there is absolutely no reason to fear anything at all.
Therefore, let is rise up and take our arms, obeying the cammands of Scripture to be strong in our faith and not fear our enemy. Put on our armour and know that it will protect us. Go forward with Christ at the head, knowing that because He is before us our steps need not falter and we shall never have to retreat.
"If God is for us, who can stand against us?"

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Aaron said...

Or life is meaningless, which is what I think. My greatest fear is Death.