Friday, September 18, 2009

Midwifery Seminar

I spent the past few days in St.Ignatius at a midwifery seminar, it was a wonderful experience, I feel like I really learned a lot and look forward to moving even further along in my studies of nursing and midwifery. Learning about all the different things that are involved in the birthing of a child, has made me even more interested in pursuing this study and being able to help in bringing new lives into this world. It truly is one of the most beautiful things!

In the car on the way up to St.Ignatius. I rode up with Mrs. Rickel & Paige, and Kristen Haymond. It was about a two hour drive, which compared to what a lot of the ladies there had to do was extremely easy, there were some from Michigan, California, Tennessee, Colorado, South Dakota, and many other places.

The cabin Kristen and I stayed along with two girls from South Dakota, this was on an Amish family's farm, so no electricity!

Taking a brisk stroll after lunch.
L. to R. Rachel Christensen, myself, Paige Rickel, & Katie Christensen.

Kristen and my bedroom, this was taken sitting on Kristen's bed then you can see the foot of mine on the right, to the left is the door. We also shared this room with at least one mouse and I suspect more. :)

Jaclyn one of my room-mates using my arm to learn how to take blood pressure.

Laura, one of our instructers, and a lay-midwife. She was a lot of fun to listen to and I love the way she presented everything.

Patti and Mary Ann our other instructors, I am so thankful for both these ladies and their knowledge, and that they bless us in sharing it.

Jaclyn and I "delivering" our first baby!

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