Monday, February 15, 2010

My Sister and Me

When we were younger Caitlin and I had a very difficult relationship, she was always the good girl, the one that did everything perfectly and had the upper hand in all the fights. I was, well I saw what she was like, didn't think I could live up to so didn't even bother. Not that I was a horrible, rebellious child, but I definitely got into a lot more trouble and received a lot more punishments. It took a long time for each of us to accept each other for who we were( still not sure about it sometimes;-)

But we have developed a pretty good friendship( it really helped when we stopped sharing a room.) And really, we do understand each other pretty well, it's quite fun to be able to talk with someone, not have to finish your sentence and they know just what you mean, even though you yourself can't articulate it.

We tend to pry into each others business quite a bit, and have a lot of fun laughing over the " follies and nonsense, whims and inconsistencies" of others.

Lately we haven't talked a lot, which is really my own fault, I've been rather moody and been shutting myself up in my room most of the time so haven't taken the time to talk with my big sister about the changes and rather large happenings going on her life right now. Then also I haven't been at work which is where we typically get most of our talking in.

Anyway, all this to say I love my big sister and miss talking to her about all the things that go on in our lives.

She helps me to put things in perspective and be able to laugh over all the crazy things that go on rather than my first instinct, which is often to brood and cry some over them.


Johanna said...

My Little Sister is EXACTLY like you!!! She tends to get in a lot more truble then me, and she tends to keep things to herself, instead of talking them over!

We Share a room, and (I think) because of that, a lot more 'fights' break out!

Do you have any tips? Just wondering! I really like your blog, and can tell you are a 'Pride and Prejudice' Fan!



His Handmaidens said...

Thank you Laurel-me-love. This means a lot to me. I love ya, sissie.

His Handmaiden said...

Glad you enjoy it! Yes, I love Pride and Prejudice!
As far as your younger sister, I think it just can take time to grow in the Lord enough to where things can really work out. Like I said, I had a more rebellious nature than my older sister and that has been very difficult for me to curb, still is often a problem.
Many times the reason we keep things to our self is a fear of being vulnerable, I know this was definitely the case for me. It feels safer to keep them inside. Another thing for me at least, was that I had a very difficult time being able to articulate myself aloud.
A suggestion would be to journal to each other, I know it sounds strange being so close, but I did it with my mother. I found it was easier to write out how I feel than actually discuss it with her. We don't do it anymore, because I am now more comfortable with talking but it really helped me to learn how to open up.
I'll be praying that the Lord will give both you and your sister grace to learn how to best deal with each other, and that you may became, as my sister and I have, not just sisters, but best friends!
Blessings, Laurel

Eldarwen said...

Oh my goodness, you and Caitlin sound EXACTLY like me and my older sister. (My sis being like Caitlin, and me being like you). She always seemed/seems to be so perfect and actually, sometimes I'd get really upset. I know she loves me, but we have our moments when we bicker. We share a room, so we've actually grown a lot closer than we used to be. Every night we stay up late talking. About what? Nothing really. *giggle* Yep, I'm always "meddling" in her business, and when I pry she gets a little upset. :) lol =D Though, I'm making it sound like we don't love each other, we do! A lot! We're like peanut butter and jelly [most of the time]. She's quiting her current job (baby sitting), so after next Friday she'll be home all day and I CAN'T WAIT!! Anyway, this comment has been long enough. Tata!