Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vespetilio ( Another Tag)

Found this on a blog and thought it very interesting.
Put your ipod (or playlist) on shuffle and the use the titles that come up as the answer to your questions.

If someone says "This is okay", you say: Dances With Wolves (Well, I guess if I wanted to be totally random.)

What would best describe your personality? Song for the King ( Great, I strive for it.)

What do you like in a guy/girl? Pride and Prejudice (Not really)

What is your life's purpose? Come Meet Father(Yes, my Heavenly Father.)

What is your motto? Speak O, Lord ( I think it's a good one.)

What do your friends think of you? Like a Dog Chasing Cars( How rude.)

What do you think about very often? See, What a Morning (Well, every morning.)

What is 2+2? The Point of No Return( Oh,yes.)

What do you think of your best friend? The Music of the Night(I'm not even sure who this is.)

What do you think of a person you like? Hall of the Mountain King(Well...)

What is your life story? Journey to the Cemetery( Well, it's true,hmm.)

What do you want to be when you grow up? One (Yeah, I guess that a good ambition.)

What do you think when you see a person you like? Dell' Amore Non Si Sa(Interesting, I think in Italian.)

What do your parents think of you? Why So Serious?(Wow, that is good to know after all these years.)

What will you dance to at your wedding? Learn to Be Lonely(Ooh, quite the choice, should I be worried?)

What will they play at your funeral? Swords Crossed(Okay, I'm worried.)

What is your hobby/interest? I Do Believe in Fairies( Well, I wish I could, but I have too much common sense.)

What is your biggest secret? I'm Not a Hero(I don't think that's a secret.)

What do you think of your friends? Caribbean Blue( Not really sure what that means, but to all my friends: take it as a compliment!)

What's the worst thing that could happen? The Black Rider(Yeah, that's pretty bad.)

How will you die? Your Man(Okay, now I'm seriously worried, that's just scary.)

What's the one thing you regret? Blood Ritual( I would regret that if I had done it.)

What makes you laugh? Learning to Fly( It really is quite amusing.)

What makes you cry? March of the Celts( I can see that being sad.)

Will you ever get married? Rock Prelude( Is that a "yes" or a "no"?)

What scares you the most? The Sky, the Dawn and the Sun( Morning scares me so much!)

Does anyone like you? The Phantom of the Opera( Cool, and rather creepy.)

If you could go back in time, what would you change? Universe( Talk about a big ambition!)

What hurts now? Someday( Yes, I'm sure I will be hurt someday, if not today.)

What do you often exclaim? Summer Fly( Well, Summer Fly!)

Where is paradise? Lothlorien(Well, close.)

What did you first say as a baby? To Go Beyond(Apparently where I was wasn't enough for me.)

If you had a pet, what would you name it? Artibeus( I do like bats.)

What is your favorite sight to see? Heat(It's so cool!)

What makes you gag? Foundations of Stone(I think anyone that tried to eat that would.)

What are you best at? Agent of Chaos(Muhahaha!)

If you wrote a book, what would you call it? Hope and Memory( Nice title, I like it.)

What did you wish for last? The Door in the Air( Yeah, I'd like one of those.)

What would your superhero name be? Ash and Smoke( I am Ash & Smoke, fear me!)

How soon will this be over? The Forbidden Line( I guess I'm not supposed to know.)

Where are you sitting? Here I Stand(Well, I'm not sitting, I guess.)

What do you most hate? Mermaids(Aw...)

What do you most love? Jesus, Lover of My Soul( Very true!)

What do you not care about? The One You Left Behind(If I left them behind, then yes, I don't care about them.)

What is your secret name? In My Dreams(I only have a secret name in my dreams.)

What will you post this as? Vespetilio( Hence, the title of this post!)

Someone else please do this, it was so fun!


Frizz said...

I'm so glad you did this one!!!! I was actually just thinking about it today. I did it once but our computer went wacko and wouldn't let me save it, and then I couldn't find it any more. Now I can finally do it and post it on my blog. Your's was so funny. It's so neat how some just work. Last time I did it it said they were going to play the chicken dance at my funeral:)

Johanna said...

Oh what a cute post!!! I will have to do it sometime!! You made me lalf SO hard when you said " who likes me" and you answered " the phantom of the opera"! And I also LOVE the title " Hope and Memory for a book "!

Your loving sister in Christ, Johanna

Alaina said...

This one is fun .... Might have to actually do it sometime! Made me laugh on several occassions :)