Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Love My Cello...

And I got to spend the afternoon with a lovely friend of mind playing cello duets! It was so much fun, the first time I've ever really gotten to actually just sit down and play for while with someone. Usually I just play for myself and my very patient family. Played mostly just by sight reading stuff, which is something I've really been trying to work on so I can get up the gumption to play at our church... still am not there yet.=)
Now am sitting in my nice, dark room. My blinds broke several years ago and I've never replaced them so on especially hot days I put a big blue sheet over the window to keep things cooler, sometimes makes me rather sleepy too, walking into my room is kinda like walking into a cave.

And here's me right now, not sure why I'm feeling like posting these random pictures of myself but, well I'm not actually sure what the "but" is for...
Anyhoo, finished addressing all the envelopes yesterday, yay! It feels really good to have that done even though we don't really need to have it done for another week or so, it's just one more thing we can check off the list. I finally got myself to get back to work on Hayley's dress, was just so frustrated with having to redo the entire top I needed to take a little break from it, but now I'm back on the wagon and it's coming along quite nicely.
We're expecting our guests from Seattle to arrive sometime this evening, so the house is all unnaturally neat. Took a bit of doing as our guest room had become wedding central, but now everything is safely stowed in my parent's room, we just need to blow up some air mattresses and they should be set.
Hope you all have a lovely evening!


Willie'sGurl said...

Sounds fun! Sounds like the wedding plans are moving smoothly along. :)Have a nice time with your company. :)

~Miss Raquel said...

Yes, indeed! It does sound like you had fun! Glad you were able to play duets with your's always nice to do that. ;)

~Miss Raquel