Monday, September 6, 2010

A Cozy Sunday Evening

My family typically has at least one or two people over on Sunday evening, often it's up in the twenty's. But as we have only a couple Sunday's left with our family all together we decided to be inhospitable and have a family night. It was really a lot of fun, because of all the business going our family really hasn't spent much sit down time together, unless sitting in the car on our way somewhere counts. On week nights we're typically each off doing our own thing even if every one is at home.
So last night we went out and did a little impromptu shopping for dinner, came home and prepared it together, then settled in for a cozy, relaxed evening.
After spending the afternoon outside in the rain it was lovely to curl up by the crackling fire...

Work on a 1000 piece puzzle all together, it's something I remember doing quite a bit when we were younger. On gray days, we build the fire, turn the lights down and work on puzzles for a couple of hours. We have some of the strangest conversations while doing it too, last night there was some talk of "butterfly sneezes"...
My mother, sisters and myself also spent some time drooling over houses, with us it's not shoes or clothes(well, maybe occasionally) but for the most part we all love looking at houses. Caitlin and I were most excited about this charming cottage...
And we also made Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches a favorite of our family, thanks Caitlin!

A little update on how wedding things are going. I finally finished everything on all the dresses, and am doing a final fitting with the Mallery girls today, to make sure everything is just right. We ordered the flowers and cake last week ( it's feels so good to get things checked off!). This week we are going to be baking lots o' cupcakes, probably somewhere around 300. :-}
We'll be moving all the furniture into their apartment this next weekend. (Yeah! We'll have space in our basement again!) And there's probably a lot of little things as well. Less then 2 weeks now!

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