Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lady of Faith

"If Jesus wants you to be married, He will orchestrate the encounter. You have nothing to fear except getting in His way and trying to "write the script" rather than following His. Jesus does have your best interest at heart. He desire to bless you by giving you the best. Sometimes what you perceive as the best is nothing more than a generic version. Consider His wisdom and love in comparison to your own wisdom and self-love. In whom are you going to trust - all Wisdom and Everlasting Love or little ol' finite you? Ever since the Garden of Eden, women have often felt they could and should know as much as God. Much pain in our world has resulted from dependence on our wisdom rather than on our Father's." - Lady in Waiting: Lady of Faith

When we first started attending the church that we are at now, there was a lot of uncertainty, and wondering if it was the best place for us to be. One of the reasons that we had was that many other people assumed the only reason we were interested in going there was to find husbands. As a family of four girls that had simply been gathering in their own home for some time listening to sermons on tapes, then deciding to go to a church that had a abundance of young men(comparatively speaking) I suppose it was only natural for them to come to that conclusion. But it was one that annoyed us to no end, we did not want to be known as "husband hunters". and our reasons for deciding to attend this church had nothing to do with our marital concerns.
Now anyone that assumed that could still think so, after all my older sister did end up finding one there. But as we, and she, is perfectly willing to tell anybody, it was the farthest thing from her mind for a very long time, she didn't even like him! At least not in that way. And once told us all that she felt very sorry for his future wife, because of the crazy character he can be.

My mother is especially bothered by this because people are assuming something of her that is completely opposite from how she really is, she has never feared that somehow we might "miss our chance" if we don't actively go out and pursue husbands. And when she see's others doing so, finds it rather aggravating. Truly it is a lack of faith on their part, if they feel that they have to search out and snatch up whoever they can find, they are obviously not trusting the Lord to bring about the right person at the right time.

I know that if the Lord would have me get married He will then provide the means to do so, I don't have to do anything but have faith in Him. I am not worried that I may "miss out"because I don't hang out with other young people and don't have that many opportunities to meet young men. I know that when I am ready and he is ready God will bring us together. I could worry very easily, most of the young men I know are engaged or younger than myself. My mother often teases that I was born a year too soon, all the guys are a month to several months younger than I am.

But there is nothing for me to worry about, it is possible that I will not marry, I understand that and while right now it is a difficult thought for me to face, I know that if that is what the Lord has called me to He will give me the grace to joyfully serve in that state. My life is not about getting married, it is about serving the Lord, I pray that I may one day find someone who I can serve the Lord alongside with, doing more together than I could ever do one my own. But if not, my life will not be something stale and lacking, it will be just as much to His glory!

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