Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lady of Diligence

"Singleness is an enviable condition. An unmarried woman has something that a married woman gives up on her wedding day: extra time for Jesus. Too many young women waste valuable years as they wait for life to begin- after marriage. They rarely realize the priceless free time they waste, until it is gone." - Lady in Waiting: Lady of Diligence

My single years are not a time of waiting. It is not a momentary lapse of purposefulness between finishing school and getting married. I am not sitting in a tower waiting for my husband to fight his way through the guards and rescue me. No "damsel in distress" role for me.

I would strive to be actively pursuing whatever the Lord may place before me. Right now it is things at home, but it has not always been that way nor will it continue to be. I started working while in my senior year of high school, and continued to do so for another year afterwards. I attended a midwife seminar with the purpose of possibly pursuing being a midwife assistant, the Lord has not put that into place at this time, but that doesn't mean that taking that class was a waste of time, I learned things that will help when I, Lord willing, bear my own children and things that can help serve those around me who do have children. The things that I am pursuing now(nanny position, cello, studies in Scripture, etc.) are not just fillers for my time till I really start "living". My goal in life is to serve and bring glory to God, this is something that can be done just as well, if not better, during my time of singleness as during marriage.

"Undistracted and unrelenting describe different facets of the word diligence. "
Focusing on the tasks at hand rather than dreaming about the future, diligently pursuing a life of excellence, using all of my abilities to serve those around me, praying that the Lord might use me as a channel of His grace to someone else, that they too might come to love and serve Him.

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Daughter of the King said...

I struggled with playing the 'damsel in distress' character for some time, but it was when I let go and focused wholly and I mean WHOLLY on my relationship with God and wanting to serve Him with everything I had that I came to know Him on a much deeper and personal level....and well, then God brought me to Jared! :)

Hoping you have a wonderful day!