Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ahh... A Tag

I was tagged a bit ago by Daughter of the King, and for an inexplicable reason haven't gotten to it till now, because of my lack of creativity right now it is quite a relief to have this tag, thanks Sarah!

Okay, so she asked nine questions which I will now answer and then I will come up with nine questions of my own to tag nine other bloggers with. Here goes!

1. What is your favorite book and why?
My favorite book is the Word given by God, for reasons quite obvious. But as far as other books, it's Jane Erye. I really don't know why, my mother finds it depressing, but has been one of my absolute favorites for several years now.

2. If your could pen the name of your own memoir what would it be titled?
Hmmm... I really have no idea, probably something with Greek roots.;-)

3. What is your favorite song, and what is it's meaning to you?
My favorite song changes constantly as I find new things to listen to and my own perspective of things changes. Breathe has been a favorite for a long time, it embodies what my life is for, God and Christ are the very air that I breathe, ever there and all that I am. The bread I eat, without which I am lost.

4.What is your ideal blogging/writing atmosphere?
Well, I usually write sitting/laying on my bed, I would like to do more on my desk, but I have no electrical outlets in my room there is one right outside my door and so my bed is the only place
the cord can reach. Usually I have music blasting through my headphones and I like to pretty much shut everything else out. I find I write better at night when the rest of the house is completely quiet.

5. What is your favorite movie genre, and why?
I enjoy a lot of different genres, but I guess my favorite would be historical films. I love watching things that I know really happened, they have so much more depth and significance to them.

6. What is your favorite tv show, and why?
We really don't watch a lot of tv at my house. Of the shows we've bought my favorite is
Stargate: Atlantis. Why, well I enjoy sci-fi, other than that I'm really not sure why.

7. If you could have the skill of playing any musical instrument which one would it be?
Well, I play piano, guitar and cello, I would love to be a whole lot better at all of them, and if I had to choose another one it would probably be the violin.

8. Who is your favorite author and why?
I have a lot of favorite authors, it would be very difficult to pick just one. C.S. Lewis, J.R.R.
Tolkien and George MacDonald are favorite fantasy authors, mostly because of their
incorporation of biblical principles in a lot their stories. L.M. Montgomery I love for here perspective on simple everyday lives rather than huge dramatic experiences.

9. Why do you write your blog?
Great question considering that I really don't write a whole lot and talk a lot about lacking inspiration. :-) I think for me it is a creative outlet, a way I can express myself and my beliefs using images, words and music. I can search things out and share with others the things that move me and challenge me. I can speak of my Lord and the amazing gift He has given me in being able to serve and know Him. It is also a way of speaking about things that I am uncertain about actually doing face to face with people.

I don't think I'm going to tag anyone right, mainly because I can't think of any questions, but
please feel free to answer these ones, and let me know in a comment so I can see your answers!

Now I'm going to follow suite to another of Daughter of the Kings recent posts, What I've Been...

I've been listening to... It's a Wonderful Christmas by Micheal W. Smith, I know it's a little early, but I love this CD, and listen to it all year round.
I've been reading...

I've been watching... We're on the 8th season of Stargate, I still like Atlanis better, but am enjoying this as well.

I've been enjoying... hot cider!
I've been wearing... sweaters!
...and scarves!


Lady Helen Mar said...

How fun! A lot of these questions would be hard for me to answer. I think my answers would a lot like yours if I did it though.
Through Christ,

Daughter of the King said...

Sorry, I am now just getting around to commenting on this. It seems like you and I are more similar than I realized! I love love love Stargate, both Atlantis and SG-1, and the authors you chose are some of my faves too. I love playing Breathe on the piano, it's so very worshipful.

Secretly I wish that I could play the Violin...

Many blessings fellow dotk,