Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Holy Moly! It's been 3 years!

So I said in that last post that for the time being I was going to have my blog go to private... and then I never posted anything! So, I now have 3 years to catch up on! Not that anyone will necessarily see or care about it, but I least I know that I'm doing it.:)

So, that was April of 2011, it's now June of 2014 (where the heck did that time go?!) .
I tried pulling together some photos from the past 3 years, and try to get them in order. In August of 2011 I chopped almost 9 inches off my long, curly, locks and saw it straightened. My mom walked in the salon and actually walked right past me without realizing it was her daughter!

September of that year I spent some time in California and on the Oregon coast visiting family.
Celebrated my 20th birthday with my aunt and grandma whose are the same week as mine. 

In November I made another big hair change after that cut, and dyed it!

Unfortunately I have no photos from the next few months, we had a great family Christmas, I switched from my receptionist job at Montana Rockworks to working in a gift shop in downtown Bigfork, much closer to home. Which was so much fun! Loved being downtown and getting to know all the little restaurants and art galleries down there. 

Spent most of that summer working, playing tennis with my sisters and just enjoying beautiful Northwest Montana!

Went down to California again that September for my Grandma's birthday party which was held on a yacht in San Francisco,  and while when we came back a beautiful niece had been born, Saorise Dawn was born just a couple of days before my own 21st birthday, with gorgeous red hair and big blue eyes.

That fall I continued working at the gift shop and starting working part time at a gallery right next door. Was very involved in the theatre over Christmas and other holiday events at the Bigfork Art Center.

The next spring again was very relaxing, worked, did projects at home. Enjoyed the little things!

So that brings me up to June of 2013...which I cover tomorrow! =) See ya then!

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