Wednesday, June 25, 2014

to continue...

As I consider all the changes that came about in my life after this point, it almost difficult for me to believe it all actually happened and happened so fast. In June of last year, we went back down to California for my Aunt's wedding, along with spending some time with my grandparents on the coast.

Loved spending time with the littles at the beach and zoo, there's so much for them to learn and discover and it is such a joy watching them. The road home included many coffee stops and a super crowded car due to getting a little too enthusiastic in Ikea.

And this sums a lot up...

Spent a lot of time on the lake and river, and hung out with this guy...

Went on some great hikes.

And to some great plays at the Summer Theatre!

Okay, all that and I haven't even gotten to any of those big changes I previously mentioned. So... here goes, in July I moved out and stayed with a friend for a while before getting my own apartment! Even though my apartment was in the same town where my parents live it was a huge change for me, being on my own, working things out, and figuring out how to handle it all. Had a great time with it all, my apartment was a 5 minute walk from downtown and another 15 from the lake. Met some great new friends, got better acquainted with old ones and had a blast!

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