Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Several weeks back my sisters did a Lord of the Rings marathon at a friend's house(I've done this once before, and enjoyed it, but don't need to do it again, at least not for a long time.) With them being gone all day my mother and I decided to have our own movie day, so went out and rented three movies, got some chocolate and other "movie snacks". =)

NOTE: If you haven't seen these movies there are some spoilers.

We started out with A Walk to Remember, which I had heard about a while before and been somewhat interested in seeing ever since. I did enjoy it, although was rather surprised at some of the language in it considering it's PG rating.

I appreciated the portrayal of Mandy Moore's character, Jamie, and her strong faith, it was good to see it portrayed in a genuine and beautiful way, rather than in mockery and derision, such as is usually seen in any Hollywood movies that have any kind of Christian character, especially in a movie about high-school and teens.

One thing that disappointed me is that you don't see if Landon really understands and comes to a knowledge of that faith that she has. He respects it, but you don't see him really digging to find out about it or want it for himself.

Next up, we watched Sherlock Holmes. I really wasn't sure what to expect of this, I had heard mixed reports on it, and so really came into it with no idea of how it would end up being.
Overall I did enjoy it, there were some parts I think could have been done without, and there were some parts I thought were awesome.

The clips of him going through all his next moves in his mind were well done, I enjoyed seeing how he thought it out and came to the conclusions that he did. The whole black magic thing was rather disturbing, but it was nice to see it all exposed in the end. Although it did give a sense though out the entire movie that kind of messed it up a bit for me, I would have preferred seeing him work on a case that wasn't quite so "demonic".

Watson was definitely my favorite character, I much preferred him over Holmes, and well, you really gotta admire the guy for his patience in working with Holmes.

And finally we watched Inception. There are so many reviews out on this movie I'm not sure I even want to bother with one. I will say that I enjoyed it way more than I had thought I would. I tend to be something of a skeptic when it comes to movies, especially with huge blockbusters that everyone likes to rave about. But I had to eat some of my own words when it came to this one.

I think they did an excellent job in putting it all together, and making a movie that actually had something of a plot and story rather than being all about the action and special effects. Although the special effects were really cool.

It was well acted, had amazing cinematography, and was beautifully scored. And I think that's
about all I'm going to say, since really, everything else has already been said. =)


Hannah said...

I liked Sherlock Holmes & Inception both a lot. You're right about Watson. He's almost like the babysitter of a preoccupied genius. Amusing.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I love all 3 of those movies!

Yes, I was kinda surprised too that a PG movie would have so much language in it, and I definitely agree about wanting to have seen Landon dig and search for that truth which Jamie held so dear to her and lived out.

Sherlock Holmes, minus the slaughter house scenes, was really super good!

I've written a movie review on Inception, and I too didn't know what I'd be getting into by watching it, but I was surprised and amazed by the story,the acting and the score.

I'm glad you and your momma had some fun movie watching time together!

Love you girl, and I hope you're doing well!! =)