Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 24

A Movie No One Would Expect You to Love:
I'm very much a period drama, historical, action and Lord of the Rings lover. Mostly like to watch Dickens and the like, and if it's history it's better than anything else, as long as it's done well and they get the story right anyway.
I tend not to go for cartoons and comedy, don't mind comedy if it's witty, but the really dumb, silly stuff I do not like. Based on that these movies don't really fit in with what you would think that I would like.

"Hoodwinked" I really enjoy for it's different take on the story and it presents a great picture of how we prejudge situations and how each person can see the same circumstances very differently.
Okay, I have to admit, I think this movie is stupid, but that was part of their thing, showing just how dumb fairytales look when you put them in real world circumstances. That said, I love this movie and am not really sure why.
So, Beauty and the Beast is a typical little girl love, but I wasn't a typical little girl, enjoyed the whole princess thing for a little while but grew out of it pretty quickly, except for Beauty and the Beast, I still love this one!

Aside from the Challenge, right now my family is getting ready to head off to Glacier National Park for the day, along with our guests. The plan is to go up to Logan Pass on Going to the Sun road, then hike to Avalanche Lake.
Yesterday we went tubing down Swan River, twice. And we went the day before as well, that one was only supposed to be 45 minutes and ended up being almost 4 hours, until we were rescued by a lovely couple who had just come down to their weekend home to water the lawn. It will definitely make some fun and strange memories!


Daughter of the King said...

Beauty & The Beast is my all time favorite Disney film! Out of all the princesses I was always more like Belle than anyone else...bookish, brunette with brown eyes, and loved to sing! :) Going to Glacier National Park sounds like a lot of fun! You will have to tell us fellow bloggers about your time there!

Lady Helen Mar said...

My exact words, Daughter of the King! I always feltit was the most realistic too,
I really liked Enchanted too!
Through Christ,