Friday, August 6, 2010

A Walk in the Park...

Yesterday we took our guests up to Glacier to show off what we think is one of the most wonderful places to live. Drove up to Logan Pass, and hung out there for a little bit, but as usual in the summertime there was really no places to park and the trails were swarming.

So we drove back to down to Avalanche Lake and did that hike instead, it was my 6th or 7th time doing it, so really familiar, I would have like to do something new, but enjoyed it just the same, Kelsie of course had to get in the water, not content just to look at it. =)
Jordan on the way up...
Me and my big sis!

It was a gorgeous day! A little warmer than usual up there, which was rather nice as it can get somewhat chilly at times. We've been having so much fun with the Pedersons here, went tubing 3 times, and I think this afternoon we will be heading out for our 4th. Hiking's been great and it's really nice to be able to take this time off from all the wedding stuff and do some fun outdoor stuff.
The late nights are really catching up to me though,*huge yawn*, I look forward to getting lots of sleep come Monday! But for now I'll just keep going and start my days with plenty of coffee!

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