Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 29

Hopes, Dreams, and Plans You Have for the Next 365 Days:
I hope to continue growing more and more in the Word of God, in order that I may have a deeper knowledge of Him and therefore a stronger desire to love and serve Him in everything I do.

I hope to serve my family in a new way as I now become the oldest in the household, I hope that I am able to fill my older sister's place with the same grace and diligence that she has shown over the past 21 years.

I hope to find a job again, so that I may serve another in that way and be able to be active.
I dream of the Lord returning and calling us home to Him, to live with Him eternally in everlasting joy!
I dream of many thoughts for the future that I know are only a possibility by the Lord's will.

I plan to finish that I stack of books on my shelf that I am longing to read.
I plan to finish my basement bedroom so that I can move into it.

I plan to be able to play my cello for our church.I plan to live my life in whatever manner the Lord calls me to that I may live it fully for Him!

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